Meet Your Photographer

My Story

My name is Chasity McClelland! I am a wife and a mother to two beautiful boys. I have been in the US Navy for almost 10 years and am in school for my Masters Degree!

I am originally from Round Top, Texas. I was twelve when I got my first camera as a gift from my brother and I've been taking photos ever since. When I was 14 people started asking me to take their portraits because they liked my work. When I turned 18 I joined the military spent some time in landscape photography while traveling the world and doing portraits on the side as a hobby. It wasn't until a couple years after I joined that I discovered a huge passion for capturing the important moments in peoples lives and I decided to make it a priority. I hope the heartfelt photos I am blessed and honored to take bring joy to you and your family and hang on the walls of your home for years to come!

I have been blessed with the privilege of being a photographer in multiple states. I started in the small town of Bastrop, Texas, and then moved on to Mississippi, Virginia, and California. I now reside in Southern Indiana on the border with my family and travel between Indiana and Kentucky on the daily.